What is Domino?


Domino is the name of a game played with small rectangular wooden or plastic blocks with a line or ridge running across one face and blank or identically patterned on the other, typically marked by an arrangement of spots or “pips” like those on dice. The word can also refer to a set of these small blocks or to the process of creating such a set.

The game is usually played with two or more players and, depending on the rules of a given domino game, each player takes turns drawing a hand from the stock of tiles and then playing it to form a chain that gradually grows in length as more tiles are added to it. Generally, each tile must be placed onto the chain so that its matching ends touch, with doubles touching on both sides and singles touching at the center of the line of play.

Before the first game begins, each player shuffles the dominoes thoroughly on a flat playing surface and draws a hand according to the rules of a given game. Some games allow players to alternate shuffling before each game, while others stipulate that the winner of the previous game must shuffle for the next.

After a domino is played, it remains in the hands of its owner and may not be passed or byed unless specified by the rules of the particular game. If a player does not draw a domino that matches a tile already in the chain, he may purchase a new tile from the stock. The purchase price is a number of points, which, depending on the rules of the game being played, is then added to the player’s score.

When writing, authors often use the concept of domino to explain the logic behind a character’s actions or reactions to events in a story. This is because a good scene should be able to flow naturally from the actions of the character. Each domino in a story should be able to stand on its own, but when combined with other dominoes, they should create a cascade that makes sense and builds on the logic of the characters.

Lily Hevesh, 20, grew up playing with dominoes, and she now works as a professional domino artist who creates elaborate sets for movies, TV shows, and even pop music artists. She says she finds great joy in using a limited amount of space to create something that can capture a person’s attention. Hevesh has a YouTube channel that features videos of her creating these spectacular domino installations, and she uses a small workshop to construct her work. She starts by making test versions of each section before putting them all together. She then films the tests in slow motion to make precise corrections when necessary. This process helps Hevesh ensure that each piece of her design is working perfectly. She says this meticulous approach is key to her success in the field.