Pack Your Bags According To Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

If you make a planning to travel with Spirit Airlines flight, at that time you just need to check out the Spirit Airlines baggage policy. Under the baggage policy comes some services such as- baggage allowance, carry- on baggage, checked, restrictions, fees, and charges.

This airline allows the maximum size of the bag to carry on personal items for free, just like- a backpack or purse. In Spirit Airlines, passengers are not allowed to carry any free checked baggage. Carry-on and checked bags both fares are taken from its passengers. This is so that airlines can keep their tickets price affordable or low. However, a personal item that fits perfectly into small size such as a purse, small bag, etc. Its fare is included in your flight ticket. If you carry anything big, such as a standard carry-on bag or checked bag, you will have to pay for it.

But The pushchair and child car seats are accepted in freehold.

If you are planning to go with Spirit Airlines reservations then your personal item should not be larger than 45 x 35 x 20 cm (18 x 14 x 8 inches), Carry-on baggage should not be larger than 56 x 46 x 25 cm (22 x 18 x1 0 inches ), and its weight is no limit, and Checked baggage should not be larger than L+ H + W = 158 cm(62 linear inches), and its weight is limit. If your baggage weight or size is larger than 18 Kg or 158 cm, So you have to pay some fee for it. The most important thing is that if the weight or size of your bag is more than 45 kg or 203 cm, So you can’t take it on the flight. 

Important Things To Know Before Packing 

You can check here before your packing. And we can also explain which item you can carry on a flight without any charge, And you can learn more information about the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. Such as- which spirit airlines baggage size, weights are allowed or which are restricted on the flight, and know its fare. you just need to know which items are not allowed on the flight.

Lists Of Baggage Fee Based On The Booking Route

Generally, the fee for bringing a large item onboard varies according to when the allowance is purchased, and Baggage allowance fees depend on the purchased route. If baggage allowance is purchased during online booking, the fee is usually lower. Although the allowance is purchased during online check-in, then the fee increases. Spirit Airlines give advises its passengers to use a luggage calculator. After running some searches, we found the relevant fees, which is given as below:- 


During Online Booking (With $ 9 Fare Club)

During Online Booking

Before Or During Online Check-in ($ 9 With Fair Club)

Before Or During Online Check-in

First Checked Baggage

$ 22

$ 31

$ 32

$ 41

Second Checked Baggage

$ 32

$ 41

$ 42

$ 51

Third, Fourth, And Fifth Checked Baggage

$ 76

$ 85

$ 86

$ 95

Lists Of Baggage Fee Based On The Weight Or Size

If your baggage’s weight or size is larger than the limit of the spirit airlines baggage policy, at that time spirit airlines baggage price will apply. And you have to pay.

The list of baggage fee for some oversizes or overweight bags are given below –

Spirit Airlines Baggage Weight Or Size 


Between 41 And 50 Lbs (18 And 23 Kg)

$ 30 Per Bag

Between 51 And 70 Lbs (23 And 32 Kg)

$ 55 Per Bag

Between 71 And 100 Lbs (32 And 45 Kg)

$ 100 Per Bag

Between 68 And 80 Inches (158 – 203cm)

$ 100

Over 80 Linear Inches (203cm)

$ 150

Lists Of Special Items Spirit Airline Baggage Cost:-

If you carry a special item (such as- Bicycle, Surf Board, Golf Clubs, and Snowboards Or Skis) on Spirit Airlines. So Some of these items have to be paid to the passenger according to weight or count. The list of baggage fee for some special items are given below –

Baggage Type

Each Way


$ 75

Surf Board (max. 2 surfboards allows in one bag)

$ 100

Golf Clubs

Also in the checked baggage, overweight charges may apply.

Snowboards Or Skis

Also in the form of checked bags, overweight charges may apply.

Lists Of Restricted Items

Some items are considered too dangerous to carry on an aircraft, and that’s items are restricted in this airline according to Airlines Baggage Policy. These items are:-

  • Arms Or Ammunition
  • Axis
  • Guns
  • Fireworks, And 
  • Nail gun

Carry-on Allowance For Pets

According to the spirit airlines baggage policy, you can take some pets in your cabin class on domestic Spirit Airlines flights. It also has a size and weight limitation, It should no longer than 8 x 14 x 9 inches (45.72 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm), and The weight of the pet should not exceed to 40 pounds (18.14 kg). In-Flight, You will be provided with an animal container, this container is not available for free. Its fee is $ 110 per container. A passenger is allowed to take only one container. You can put 2 identical animals in the same container, Every pet is free to stand in an upright position and they can freely move in the container.

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