Everything You Need to Know About Dominoes


Dominoes are a family of tile-based games. They are rectangular tiles with two square ends marked with spots. Each spot is worth a certain number of points. The first player to collect as many pieces as possible wins. The more dominoes he has, the more he can score.


There are many theories about the origin of the domino game, but one common belief is that it was invented in the 12th century by a Chinese nobleman named Keung T’ai Kung. In the late eighteenth century, the game first gained popularity in France, where it was brought to Britain by French prisoners of war. Later, the game gained popularity throughout the Americas and Latin America. However, there is also evidence that the game may have been invented by Inuit tribesmen, who had been playing a bone game long before Europeans arrived.


The Rules of Domino are a simple set of rules governing the game. Each player is dealt seven tiles and has to place them on the playing board. When two tiles match each other, the player who has the higher number wins. If there is no match, the player who does not have a matching tile takes back the tile. This player is said to have a trump.


There are many variations of the domino game. The most basic type is played with two players and seven tiles. The tiles are placed on the edge of the board and players can see their own and their opponent’s tiles. Other variations include the five-up game, where players use multicolored tiles, doubles to spin the tiles, and Crazy.


When choosing the right size of dominoes, there are several factors to consider. One of the first is the size of the table or flat surface where you’ll play the game. Small tables may need mini-sized dominoes while large tables might benefit from a larger set. You should also consider the manual dexterity of the players to determine the proper size of dominoes.


There are many different materials used for dominoes. The traditional ones are made from bone, ebony, and dark hardwood. They are often decorated with contrasting pips. Plastic has also been used to make dominoes. Modern versions of the game are made of petroleum-based plastics and are often shiny black. However, if you are buying a domino set for your home, you may want to consider wooden ones.


Scoring domino is a fun and challenging game that requires careful planning. It involves matching row of dominoes with tiles of the same value. In a winning game, a player needs to have more than one matching pair or four, or he needs to score all the tiles.