American Airlines Cancellation Policy

In this article, you are about how to cancel a flight and American Airlines Cancellation policy and policies. When things go wrong with you and your booked vacations were spoiled then you have to cancel all your bookings related to that vacation such as hotels, cars, and flight. We didn’t tell you about what happens when you cancel your non-air booking but we will tell you about what happens when you cancel your American Airlines reservations.

The refunding process of American Airlines depends on the type of ticket you purchase. According to the website, this airline offers a paper ticket and an electronic ticket these tickets provided in all classes. If you bought an electronic ticket then you can usually cancel or change  your ticket but, if you bought a paper ticket then you have to call or visit to an agents

 There are some American Airlines cancellation policy to initiate your refund. Some policies are

  • Within 24 hours of booking, you are allowed to cancel your flight or to change the flight it depends on you.
  • For AA flight ticket you have to call within 24 hours of reservation and then request for refund
  • The reserved flight is booked before 2 days from the scheduled departure
  • This policy is not applied to the non-air components such as hotels, cars, etc
  • Ticket refund will initiate when the ticket is booked from and with American Airlines Vacations Reservations.

American Airlines Cancellation penalties 

For AAV package American Airlines cancellation without pre-departure protection

15 days or more prior to departure 

14 days or days

$200 per person + any third party fees + fares


For AAV package cancellation with pre-departure protection

Prior to scheduled departure 

No cost of the waivers

After departure

No Refund

No Refund initiate

There are many terms when American Airlines did not initiate a refund 

  • If a passenger is dead then no refund will be initiated
  • If a flight is a delay and the scheduling result will be updated in 61 minutes and more 
  • If the reservation is not canceled within 24 hours of booking.
  • If you book a package then no refund will be issued for missed and unused package feature 

If you delay by some problem and you will cancel your flight before 3 hours to take off then you lose your ticket and your refund will not be given to you it means you lose the entire value of your ticket. As of 2010, you can change and cancel your reservation for free but in case you book your flight ticket from the third party then you have to pay change and cancellation fees determined by that company. 

Time to use cancel Credit 

According to American Airlines’ policies, you have one year in which you can use your refund credit. If you are eligible for a refund then your refund will be credited to your account from 7 to 20 business days. You can reach a Refund Customer service representative by phone from 8:30 to 12:30 and then 1:30 to 4:30 on any working day.

Refunding in exceptional cases

In some cases, the non-refundable ticket will be refunded those cases are like the immediate death of a family member is the allowable reason to refund, although serious illness might be accepted internationally for refund. These are the cases where refunding is exceptional.

What we consider,According to American Airlines cancellation policy if you purchase a paper ticket, then you may have to mail them to receive your refund. But if you go online for purchasing an electronic ticket then you can change or cancel your flight easily and direct from the American Airlines official website. You can also buy an electronic ticket from any agent or any third-party website, but take care of scam or be ensure that electronic ticket provider gives you a refunding option.

If you think that your vacations plan may be going to spoil then be smart we suggest you to buy a refundable ticket or purchase travel protection insurance in that kind of situation.

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